Case Studies


An arts education organization had recently emerged from a leadership and financial crisis and their leaders wanted to initiate a thoughtful process for strengthening the existing board and recruiting board members who could support the organization’s mission and priorities, elevate the Board’s performance, enhance the board culture and lay the groundwork for organizational growth. Finally, the Board needed to be engaged at a higher level for fundraising and advocacy as the organization expanded into new communities and entered the next stage of its lifecycle.

Bold Agenda’s work involved several phases that began with an assessment and situation analysis of the power dynamics, strengths and weaknesses on the current board.  In the next phase, we activated the committees, identified new leadership and refocused the Board on teamwork and fundraising.   Although we were focused on refining the process and policies that would strengthen the Board, we coached several board leaders on exerting their authority and building trust on their committees. In the final phase, we helped the Board identify and groom potential leaders so that they were prepared for succession and had the trust and support of the full Board.

Bold Agenda’s work was a catalyst to energizing the latent board leadership and the necessary renewal to move the Board forward.  We did this by helping the Board to recognize their strengths and weaknesses, but also what they needed to do individually and collectively to build trust and perform as a high performing team.  Since that time the organization has grown three-fold, expanded into new communities and provided greater access of high quality arts education to students


A large social service agency recognized that the organization’s continued dependency on government funding was unsustainable and that their labor recruiting and retention challenges were undermining their ability to grow and have greater impact.

In developing a 3-year strategic plan, Bold Agenda helped the board and staff to strategically position their emerging workforce development program at the core of their primary businesses and more aggressively pursue social enterprise opportunities, allowing them to become more sustainable as well as more innovative in their outreach and expand their impact.

Bold Agenda’s work helped them create a unifying vision and modify their long-time mission to better reflect their impact on communities.  Also, we facilitated an exploration of their Theory of Change so that it drives their strategic priorities and resource allocation.  The strategic plan process allowed their newly formed senior leadership team to work closely with the board to  focus on board/staff alignment and communication, which ensured buy-in and a strong leadership culture.


Bold Agenda worked with an arts organization to increase individual giving, board engagement and solidify a board succession plan.  In close partnership with the Board Chair and Executive Director, we trained the board on fundraising, implemented a board evaluation tool and helped energize committee activities.

Within the next year, board-led fundraising increased by 30%, the board recruiting process attracted key members and board members were more accountable. These changes and further board engagement allowed the organization to weather a major crisis, rethink its strategy and positioning, and come out stronger with greater impact in a new facility.

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