Facilitation, Team Building and Training


Prepare your organization for complexity, growth, change and crises.

Bold Agenda specializes in deconstructing complex issues, resolving conflict, breaking through barriers and building a long-term vision and plan. We design a process that centralizes how people participate in the process, not just on what gets achieved. Our facilitations create a safe space for sharing, brings out the opinions and ideas of all participants and builds consensus around the best ideas, all while keeping the training objective front and center.

We customize workshops over a range of subjects according to the unique composition, needs and goals of the given organization. In addition, Bold Agenda brings a wealth of experience facilitating retreats for a range of groups, crises, and outcomes. Some of the workshops we have led and developed include:

  • Top Ten Ways To Improve Your Board’s Performance
  • Building Your Best Board Series (Recruiting, Diversity and Inclusion, Structure and Processes, and High-Performing Boards)
  • Who Leads? Who Follows? The Delicate Dance of the Board Chair and CEO
  • Best Practices in Non-Profit Board Service Programs
  • Building Your Board’s Fundraising Capacity
  • Broken Engagement: Why Has Our Board Checked Out? How Do We Fix It?
  • Activate Your Board in Advocacy: Bring Your Board Along
  • Founder’s Journey: Partnering with Your Board
  • Governance Best Practices in Family Businesses
  • Why Strategy Matters
  • Executive Presence: See It, Try It, Be It
  • Building Better Communication Skills
  • Targeting Your Ideal Customer

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