For Executive Directors/CEOs – First 90 Days

First 90 days start strong and thrive


What It’s About: Provides tools and a road map to understand, shape and strengthen their board in the first 90 days or year. It builds on the strengths of the ED/CEO to forge a successful partnership with their board. The program’s primary goals are:

  • Build trust at the highest level
  • Understand how ED/CEO ‘s communication and leadership style impacts results
  • Understand strengths, weaknesses and needs of the board
  • Develop a mission–based map and plan for strengthening the board
  • PrintFriendly and PDF
  • Develop a strong leadership style that supports the board
  • Develop a action plan for the Executive Director/CEO ‘s first 90 days or year.

Who It’s For: New non-profit Executive Directors/CEOs, whether first time or an experienced leader in a new organization, who want to have a strong relationship with their board so they can quickly move from surviving to thriving. The first 90 days is a critical time to establish these relationships and build your credibility. You may be experiencing the following:

  • Uncertainty about priorities in the first 90 days or year
  • Recovering from a setback
  • Leading a major change management initiative

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