At Bold Agenda, we know that boards matter. We know that every operational challenge or opportunity can be tied to board decisions, or indecision. We know a strategic plan will fail if board and staff leaders do not lead. A few central beliefs drive everything we do at Bold Agenda:

  • Boards matter and their effectiveness drives organizational effectiveness.
  • Building a high performing organization is a journey, with ups and downs, not a destination.
  • Collaboration, diversity & inclusiveness yields the best outcomes.
  • Action drives results and impact

At Bold Agenda, we identify better ways to engage boards and their leaders to have more impact. To help them lean in when the priorities demand their leadership. To guide them in stepping back for strategic and generative thinking and prepare their organizations for the future.

Through targeted training on governance, Bold Agenda helps leaders, whether board members or senior staff, navigate the complexity of managing change. Our individualized services enable organizations, regardless of size or sector, to build better boards equipped to implement bold agendas.

Bold Agenda’s programs, workshops and retreats are characterized by two invaluable resources:

  • Deep expertise in supporting Board Chairs, CEOs and Executive Directors on a one on one basis
  • Defined process that exposes, then addresses the unique challenges and life-cycles in the organization

Whether it’s a non-profit preparing their board for a new strategic plan, or a for profit board launching a capital raising strategy for a company’s growth plans, we help leaders strengthen their teams and explore the insights that position their organizations for new opportunities.

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