Let’s work together

You think you have a fundraising problem. But chances are, you’ve got board issues…

Transform your lackluster board into an energized one that is fundraising and executing your vision at much higher levels with Bold Agenda Board Development.

Dynamic, energized and taking action together

Aligned to a shared
vision and strategy

Structured and
executing the plan

A lackluster board that’s not engaged
with a CEO and Board Chair who don’t see eye to eye
isn’t the recipe for a world-changing organization…

It stacks the deck against your mission,
your vision and your growth.

You shouldn’t be at odds with your board

  • We are not on the same page
  • We are not collaborating well
  • We are not willing to have difficult conversations needed to make change.
  • We’re not ready for the next phase of growth
  • Board members are not stepping into their responsibilities.
  • Committees are not getting things done between board meetings.
  • We don’t have the culture to attract and retain dynamic, diverse board members.
  • Conflict rooted in a lack of attention to DEI prevent the board from working together.
Just relax, we take care

The Board Development Process


Diagnosis and assessment of where your board is

(strengths and weakness, what they know and what they don’t know)


Plan for the board’s future


Documentation and Implementation

(Bylaws, committee charters, training and coaching leaders)

At Bold Agenda, we know that your organization wants to have a greater impact in the world. In order to do that, you need a dynamic board that’s energized and executing a clearly defined vision.

The problem is… your board has a lack of clarity, structure and collaborative effort. Leaving nothing getting done (especially fundraising). Which makes the CEO and the board chair feel overwhelmed and frustrated from dragging people along.

We know that the biggest roadblock to nonprofit success isn’t lack of donations, it’s actually under-performing boards, but we understand the complexities and the day-to-day responsibilities that get in the way of building a truly dynamic board. Which is why we’ve already helped 40+ organizations to transform their lackluster boards into energized ones that are fundraising and executing their visions at high levels.

Free Board Development Resources

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Bold Agenda’s Checklist for a Great Board (without the Overwhelm and Frustration)

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Free EDI Checklist

Bold Agenda’s Checklist for how to know you’re ready for EDI work now + The top 5 things that a successful EDI plan will include.